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Roy Chatfield, Playwright



13 (10 with doubling) – 5m  4F  1M/F

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The African Savannah.


Sunjata will be a great hero – so says the prophecy. But Sunjata can’t walk. When his half-brother Dankaran takes away the throne of Mali, what should he do – accept it, as his mother Sukulun urges, or accept the help of the sinister witch king Sumanguru? Sassama, Dankaran’s bitter mother, forces him to flee Mali. When Sumanguru murders Dankaran, Sunjata and his loyal friend Manden return to claim his inheritance. But can he defeat Sumanguru without embracing the dark side of himself?

Based on traditional African legends.


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Staging Requirements

Simple flexible set.

Technical Requirements

Light and sound  effects.

Running Time

Approx 100 mins


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