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Thank you Arts Council England and Test Valley Arts Foundation for a grant towards the workshopping of Olive’s Story, Spantsa’s Tale in 2021.

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And Now We Tell Our Tale

A TIE project based on the recollections of people who saw Andover transformed in the 60s, brought to life by five actors.

Performed at The Lights, Andover and six local schools.

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Watch a film of the production

An adaption of a multimedia youth theatre project performed at The Lights, Andover by pupils from Endeavour, Harrow Way, Winton and The Long Overdue Theatre Company.

Watch a film sequence from the youth theatre production (director Mark McGann)

Bedlam Boys

In a mad world is the only sane response to hide?

Rehearsed readings at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton and the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford.

Duncan Dreams

 Three witches predicted Duncan would be king. The prophecy came true, but now rebellion is threatens to topple him. Worse, the witches have a new favourite. But who?

First performance by John Baxter at Chapel Arts, Andover.

duncan 2

Going Back

After six years as a hostage, Jules returns home. but is it home anymore?

Runner up at the Terrence Rattigan Society Awards

Giles Cole, Natasha Alderslade, Emily Laing, Tayo Elesin and Sean Garvey and director Adrian Brown presented a rehearsed reading of Going Back at Doggetts Coat And Badge on 18 November 2018.

It Happened In Hampshire

A TIE project to inspire a love of history by way of a romp through Hampshire’s history.

Performed at The Lights, Andover, Enham Trust and nine local schools.

Watch a film of the production

Loving Britannia

If Britain had been an African colony…

Miss Icarus

If you seek to please the public, you agree to bleed for them.

Reading with Kate Stevens at Andover College

Miss Icarus

 Olive’s Story, Spantsa’s Tale

Olive is rescued  from the Mohave and returns home.  Or is there another story?

Workshopped at Proteus Creation Space with Liz Garland as Olive.


Lee Miller, – muse, photographer and refugee from a nightmare.

A winner of the 24th Croydon Warehouse International Play Festival

The Choice of Gods

Innanna is a god, used to getting her own way. Now she’s going to take on death.

The Great Santa Kidnap

A goblin master criminal attempts the ultimate heist – a large cast Christmas play originally written for amateur groups. Doubling possible for professional performance.

Two professional tours by The Baroque Theatre Company.

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The Baroque Theatre Company rehearsal photos taken by Kellie Colby Photography

Performances at the Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone, and by many amateur companies

For further information regarding this play contact Samuel French

The Honest Woman’s Guide to Fraud

Even an honest fraud has its consequences.

Workshopped by Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

The Other Shakespeare

What can a wife do with husband like Will Shakespeare?

First performed by Johanne Murdock at The Mitre, Oxford

Watch Jo as Anne at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

The Owl & The Pussycat

Owl and Cat want a safe home. The Dong and the Jumblies have other plans.

Turnham Pride

A family remember the Windrush days.

A project commissioned by Turnham Primary Foundation School, Brockley

Waiting For The King

We’ve crucified the son of God. How do we explain that away?

Premiered by Andover Unity Theatre

For further information regarding this play contact Radius

Watching the Ball

Watching junior football can’t change your life – can it?

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