The Magic of Theatre…
Roy Chatfield, Playwright



2M 1F

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Mid 20th century Europe


Arriving in pre-war Paris to restart her life, would-be photographer Lee Miller is entranced by the intense Man Ray. His vision of surrealism as liberation promises her an escape the past that haunts her in the form of a mysterious sailor. Her enthusiastic romp though the surrealist world ends as a trap, when Man changes from mentor to increasingly possessive lover.

She flees to Egypt, seeking peace in domesticity. However, time hangs heavy, and her memories crowd round her. She flees back to Europe, into the arms of the inhibited English Painter, Roland Penrose.

Caught up in wartime London, the still-restless Lee wangles a job as Vogue war correspondent. The adventure turns increasingly sour as she confronts the brutality of war, the disappointed hopes of the Liberation and the horror of Dachau.

With nowhere left to run, she is left to confront her own horror – the night a seven-year old girl was left with her sailor baby sitter.

Staging Requirements

Flexible set.

Technical Requirements

Basic light and sound.

Running Time

Approx 110 mins


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