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Roy Chatfield, Playwright

Loving Britannia


5 – 4m (2 Black) 1F (Black)

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Modern Britain, in an alternative reality in which Africa colonised Europe.


Kofi loves Britannia. He’s given it his working life and let it wreck his marriage. When his daughter, Amma, fresh out of Art School, visits him in search of local colour, he is delighted. His plans did not include Amma starting an affair with Tom, to the disapproval of Glover, Tom’s father and Kofi’s British protégée and designated successor. When Kofi discovers Britannia may no longer need him, he and Amma are forced to rethink their assumptions.

Loving Britannia explores the extent to which our attitudes are still shaped by colonial attitudes we believe we have outgrown.

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Staging Requirements

Simple flexible set.

Technical Requirements

Basic light and sound. Play uses taped music.

Running Time

Approx 95 mins


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