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Roy Chatfield, Playwright

Bedlam Boys



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A mid eighteenth century asylum.


A pedantic tutor to the aristocracy, a young clergyman tortured by thoughts of God and sex, a farm boy whose longings are blighted by his birthmark and a memory-haunted sea captain have all found refuge from a harsh world. Their routine is shattered by the arrival of a foppish but politically ambitious aristocrat, anxious to escape before the looming general election. As they are sucked into his increasingly desperate plans, they have to decide whether their flight from reality is a betrayal of life or the only sane response to a crazy world.

Bedlam Boys explores ideas of responsibility.

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Staging Requirements

Five chairs, bookcase and desk. Window with window seat and bars strong enough to support an actor.

Technical Requirements

Basic light and sound.

Running Time

Approx 100 mins


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