The Magic of Theatre…
Roy Chatfield, Playwright


3M  3M/F  4F – playable by 2M 3F .

Can also be cast gender neutral

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Inanna, the headstrong god of love, refuses to accept the death of her mortal husband, Dumuzi. Brushing away the worries of Geshtinna, Dumuzi’s practical twin sister, she journeys through her memories to confront her sister, the austere god of death, and frees Dumuzi at the cost of her own life. While Dumuzi reluctantly adjusts to life without a god, Geshtinna seeks help from Inanna’s clever brother, Enki. The bargain she makes frees Inanna, but brings with it a price that changes life and death for ever.

Based on Sumerian myths, Beyond explores our ideas of mortality

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Staging Requirements

Simple flexible set.

Technical Requirements

Basic light and sound. Play uses taped music and recorded voices.

Running Time

Approx 100 mins


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