The Magic of Theatre…
Roy Chatfield, Playwright




USA between 1850 and some date after 1873 (depending on playing age)


Olive’s family head west to a promised land. When a bitter dispute breaks up the train,  her father rashly decides to press on alone. Yavapai slaughter the family and Olive  and her spoilt sister as slaves. The girls are freed by the Mohave. Offered the chance to join the tribe, they let the Mohave  tattoo their faces as a mark of their adoption into the tribe.  Mary’s death in a famine leaves Olive guilt-ridden for their failure to escape.  The US army, hearing rumours, demand Olive’s return. Left to choose her own destiny, she opts to return, to find her brother Lorenzo survived the attack. His horrified reaction to her tattoos makes her realise white society sees them as marks of shame. To avoid becoming an outcast, she acquiesces in an account that paints her an innocent among savages. A reunion with a Mohave chief makes her understand the consequences of her weakness. Realising her true home, now lost to her, was with the Mohave, she burns every copy of her supposed story she can find.

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Staging Requirements

No specific set required.

Technical Requirements

Basic light and sound.

Running  Time

Approx 80 mins

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